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Marie Antonette Paña



Marie Antonette Paña



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Having worked for government and private institutions since 2002, Tonette came into contact with business, non-government and government leaders with diverse approaches to management. Worked with local government leaders, community leaders, women leaders and non-government leaders whose sphere of influence, power and management style range from despotic to participatory and because of this she proactively engage herself to adapt to change and be part of solution. Tonette have insatiable desire to help other people either through volunteerism or gainful employment. Marine biologist by profession, artist by heart and conservationist by blood.

I Knew I was a Conservationist When....

I enjoyed so much deploying artificial reef during my secondary year. But not only did I enjoyed it, I seriously took note of the importance of what we did. This curiosity was further enhanced watching Baywatch series every week.    I would want to become more like them, but I was more interested doing some cool stuffs, which is to understand the ecology & biology of marine environment. As vast as that, I trimmed down a little bit and focus into coastal and resources management. I strongly believe that I can be a BIG part of solution and eventually persuade others to join this meaningful quest.       


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