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Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

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STILL TO DO: To be approved by Brooke's boss.

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STILL TO DO: Needs to be approved by Brooke's supervisors.

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Pengembangan dan implementasi dari survey pasca kampanye


Imperiled Fisheries Make A Comeback, Study Shows

Despite the generally bad news about fishery stocks, there is some good news.  Around the world fisheries managment techniques are allowing fish stocks to rebound.  One of the great things about fish is that in the right conditions their population can grow rapidly over a short period of time (I suppose that happens when you lay millions of eggs!).

Some of the solutions are currently being considered by many of the Rare Pride campaigns launched with Rare's partners around the globe. Thanks for all their hard work!!

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Building Partnerships: The "Healthy Reefs, Healthy Fish" Teacher Camp


the saipan-da in Saipan


signage on nearby Tinian

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Brooke's First BLOG - A Good Day in the CNMI

On Saturday morning I dragged myself out of bed at 7:00 am to participate in the CNMI’s Health and Wellness Fair.  It had been a busy week.  Volunteers and I had been working to canvas villages around Saipan with our campaign posters.  Putting up posters is not easy work.  First, you have to explain the campaign to the store owner and ask permission, then you have to find the ideal spot on walls and doors covered with big and bright advertisements for cigarettes, beer, the latest sport drinks, and finally you have to put them up with a significant amount of tape per poster to ensure that they will withstand the humidity, rain, and heat.  Each poster takes about ten minutes, and in a village with a store in every other building, it takes quite a bit of time.


Flagship Species Painting



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