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Campaign for Sustainable Fishing - Amlan LGU, Tandayag and Bio-os Marine Reserves

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Stickers: Another way of reaching out…

How do we reach out to a wider community?  Apart from radio plugs, billboards, posters, activities, T-Shirts and other collaterals, we also use stickers. 

1-Stickers in Tricycles: We put stickers in the tricycles because most people of Amlan use tricycles as their most common or popular public transport within the municipality. People of all ages, male or female, would ride daily in a tricycle to reach their destinations. Wives would go to the market daily to buy fish and vegetables and other needs of the family. 

2-Stickers in Multi-cabs: Multi-cabs otherwise known as Easy-rides are vehicles conveying passengers from Amlan to Dumaguete City and Vise-versa. Dumaguete City is the capital of Negros Oriental and it is about 21 kilometers from Amlan. Most people go to Dumaguete City, including the Amlanganons, either to go to school in colleges/ universities (and going home daily) or go shopping. Others also work in Dumaguete City.

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Answer and Win: Promotion at the Municipal Food Court

 At lunch time inside the food court, school children, eatery stall owners and others were surprised and happy as they win a prize in every correct answer they give for the Pride campaign “Answer and Win” activity (1. Who is Lappy? 2.  Name at least one benefit of Bio-os Takot Diot/ Tandayag marine sanctuaries. 3. What is the title of the Amlan Pride campaign song?).  Three of the four stall owners, answered question-1 correctly. For question-2, about 6 participated and they all gave either correct or closer to correct answers (answers include: fishes will grow big; fishes are protected; corals are the place where fishes hide; marine sanctuary is the house of Lappy). As to question-3, 10 made a guess, but only ONE got it right. The title of the Pride campaign song is the campaign slogan itself, “Lami g’yud ang dako” or Big is really delicious.

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Rencana Kerja Bulan ke 8

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6-in-One in Amlan

March 7, 2012 [1] Coastal Clean-up, [2] Information drive, [3], Launching of Pride campaign song, [4] Blessing of the guardhouse, [5] Oath-taking of newly elected Tandayag Fishermen's Association Officers, and [6] MOA signing. These six activities were conducted in one day or even less. With the presence and full support from the top to the bottom in the local government unit, this event was successful: Executive, Legislative, LGU Departments, Barangay Council with the MPA enforcement team and the Tandayag Fishermen's Association. The staff of the provincial government, thru our office, my LAP Supervisor and her assistant Chief and the CRM Coordinator, the District Supervisors and staff were also present in this event to witness and give support. From our partner agencies, the Department of Education: School Heads of Tandayag Elementary School and Poblacion National High School also participated.

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Updating Enforcement Plan in Amlan

Updating enforcement plan is an important Barrier Removal activity. Fish wardens or Bantay Dagat use enforcement plan in their daily operations for the management of Marine Protected Area.


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Radio plug-in: Our Experience in Amlan

 Radio is one of the media channels famous for the masses. Most people, all walks of life in Amlan, have radios and are fun of listening to the radio programs especially during early morning, noon time and afternoon. Fishers do listen to the radio during noon time at their homes while relaxing and preparing for the next fishing trip. This is what I noticed everytime I go out for field visits. This observation is supported with the results of KAP survey (pre-campaign).

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Excitement is on the air

 As the proposed date for the cross visit to Samal is fast approaching (April 10-13, 2012), the TWG and ManComm of Amlan are getting excited. Everytime I meet these people, they would ask me of the updates. The cross visit was one of the agenda in the TWG and ManComm meeting we had yesterday at the newly renovated Tandayag guardhouse. Counterpart fund for the cross visit was also discussed. I was happy and sincerely appreciated the Barangay Captain with his Barangay Council for allocating funds, so do with the municipal LGU.  Because of the excitement, Barangay Captain Carlo Angelo Buscato and his Council pledged to provide another counterpart for the event scheduled next week (Blessing of the MPA guardhouse and Launching of the Campaign Song).

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Tandayag Guardhouse Metamorphosis: How this helps improve the guarding system?

The improvement of the guardhouse in Tandayag was at first not the top priority for Tandayag Barrier Removal for a main reason. The houses of the Bantay Dagat members, directly involved in guarding could serve as proxy since they are located in proximity to or very near the MPA. With this premise, I thought that the guardhouse may not be used very often. 

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