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Campaign for Sustainable Fishing - Amlan LGU, Tandayag and Bio-os Marine Reserves

Apa Happening

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MPA Sustainability Plan

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Campaign Learning Report

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Final Monitoring Plan

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Analisa Survey Paska - Kampanye

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Campaign Learning Report Presentation

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Rencana Kerja Final

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Development & Implementation of Post-Campaign Survey

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Tandayag Fiesta Celebration with Lappy

 [June 29, 2012 Annual Fiesta Celebration of Barangay Tandayag] Residents of Barangay Tandayag celebrates fiesta every 29th of June in honor of their Patron Saints (St. Peter and St. Paul). The highlight of the celebration this year is raising awarenenss on taking care of the coastal resources, particularly the Tandayag marine sanctuary.

The residents prepared different marine customes and props and activities to give more color to the celebration.  There was a fluvial procession in the morning, and a parade of customes and a boat race/contest in the afternoon. 

Thank you so much to the organizers of this event and the support of Amlanganons: Barangay Captain Carlo Angelo Buscato and his council; to the ever supportive Barangay Secretary - Marcial and the rest of Barangay Tandayag staff; to Joann, Rolly and Jhon Eleazar; to the MENRO staff and to all Amlanganons.

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Lappy goes province-wide

 [June 26, 2012 Environment Summit, Convention Center, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental] The Amlan Pride campaign was presented to almost 1,000 Environment Management Volunteers (fishers, farmers, Barangay Population and Development Officers) province-wide and to the provincial and regional guests and partner during the Environment Summit.

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SGP Post Activity Report “Massive Painting of Registered Fishing Boats”

The massive boat painting was started on May 08 and May 09, 2012 in Tandayag and Bio-os, respectively. A total of 100 boats of registered marginal fishers and one SM boat were painted full body and with the Pride campaign designs in both sides. This SM boat of the municipality was named Lappy, after the Pride campaign mascot.   The boat painting was not just a one-shot activity considering that the fishers have to go fishing for their sustenance. Designing the boats by the artist was on the agreed schedule with the fishers. After the kick-off activity, the boat painting by fishers was still continued until June 8, 2012. Our partners from GIZ and the SM Lite participants were able to witness the continuation of the painting activity. It took 4 days in separate occasions for painting the body of the boats and a month to complete painting the Pride campaign designs in both sides of the boats.

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