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Nomadic Journeys

At Nomadic Journeys we have adopted a style of travel adapted to the Mongolian realities of having vast roadless expanses of back country. We usually do not offer going to lots of places, but rather "being places". Select any of our journeys and you will find out why travelling less is seeing more. Mongolian lifestyles are entirely mobile and slow-paced mobility has become our style when travelling in Mongolia. We offer treks and horse rides supported by local nomads with their yak or camel supported caravans. They are a perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy real Mongol travel style. We operate six secluded low impact ger camps in different habitats around the country, such as in the Gobi Grasslands, East Gobi, forests and rivers of Khan Khentii and at Högnö Khan Mountain. These trips are cost efficient and you do not need a personal guide/interpreter to go there as there is enough to do on foot - or short excursions - out of each camp that you can organize your own activities once you are there. Our Classical Journeys are fully guided and operate to the most popular destinations such as South Gobi, Harhorin and Lake Hövsgöl. The fly fishing expeditions start at the end of August and operate for some four weeks. These are exceptional fly fishing and boating trips in northern Mongolia. To see photographs and information about these wonderful journeys, please visit Mongolia River Outfitters at www.mongoliarivers.com. The above is not all that we offer. In partnership with well-known overseas tour companies we operate custom-made itineraries, please search for these experiences at reservations choosing the country. We are the co-founders of the www.tigeralliance.com which is a network of Asian tour operators in Mongolia, China and India, who share our passion and commitment to ecotourism and responsible travel. We are also a proud member of www.ecotourism.org.

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