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Angela Yanfang Cun

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Campaigning for Conservation

 Community group for members of Campaigning for Conservation

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China 1 -中国第一期

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EVAN: Employee Values Award Nomination


The purpose of the Values Awards is to nominate and reward exemplary staff for their commitment and practice of the Values. The desired outcome of the Values Awards is to appreciate and celebrate staff contributions towards making Rare a brilliant place to work! Read the definitions of Rare's values here.

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Fish Forever: Rare's Marine Strategy

Welcome to Fish Forever: Rare’s Marine Strategy page. We will be using this page to share related documents with you and hope that you will give us your feedback. Please feel free to contact Martha Piper, Katie Heffner, or your supervisor with any questions. Thank you for your input!


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Global Pride Alumni Network

 The objective of the Pride Alumni Network is that:

Pride alumni achieve, sustain, and expand impact

in thier campaigns and in their careers

by contributing and receiving value from the Pride Alumni Network.


All alumni, current campaign managers, and partner organizations are welcome to join this group. We will use this space for discussions, announcements, and upcoming Rare Alumni Network projects. Welcome!

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Hunchun Nature Reserve

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Kent 3

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Rare Intranet

Rare's mission is to conserve imperiled species and ecosystems around the world by inspiring people to care about and protect nature.

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Rare People

In the spirit of celebration, please post announcements and photos of any graduations, weddings, babies or other happy occasions you'd like to share with your fellow employees!

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Rare Values Jam

  Here's how the Values Jam works: focusing on two different Values every two weeks, we’ll use this group to share ideas, anecdotes, and materials about each two Values. The purpose of the Values Jam is to communicate the values, definitions, behaviors, and stories, as well as to get staff to Learn > Incorporate > Start the dialogue > Live the Rare Values > Build our Culture > Engage others > Inspire. The desired outcome is for all staff to better understand each Value and incorporate them into their workday. Every two weeks, the two Values will alternate. As long as we relate it to the Values of the week, we can share anything: articles, stories, questions, pictures, songs, video clips, and scenes from books or movies, among others. The sky’s the limit for creativity and quirkiness – so go and JAM on the VALUES!

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The International All Star League (9*CTA)


Two years ago, we welcomed eight star conservationists from across the globe as they gathered at Georgetown University to begin Rare training. Their goal? Change the world … or at least their own corners, which include Mongolia, Guam, Madagascar, Laos, Fiji, Thailand, and the Bahamas.