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St. Lucia Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Forestry Department

The Forestry department is the principle agency responsible for managing forest and wildlife resources on the island of St. Lucia. It does so through legislative authority granted by the following statutes: Forest, Soil, and Water Conservation (1964/1983) Wildlife protection Act 1980 The objectives of the department and the basic principles of current policy seeks to advance the areas of Forest Reservation (13% of the island), Natural Resource Management, Utilization, Environmental Education, Wildlife Conservation, Co-Management, Research, Recreation, Aesthetics, and Forest Extension. Through systematic management and educational interventions, St. Lucia has been able to recognize these multi-dimensional values. Description of Main Activities: • Organize and implement sensitization programs targeted to communities, users of the resource and schools. • Develop and implement forestry related environmental programs to reduce converting forest into urban areas, excess fertilizer use and burning of secondary forest. • Develop and implement programs to protect the environment through enhanced collaboration with civil society organization and the private sector. • Organize and implement sustainable management programs from non-timber forest resource to provide jobs and improve livelihoods of rural communities and users of forest. • Develop and implement programs to reduce threats to forest biological diversity through agro forestry, watershed management and protection of private forest.

Mission Statement

Protect and conserve the natural resources for the protection of the environment and to obtain maximum utilization consistent with sustainable development with regards to the welfare of the rural communities and the country as a whole.

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St. Lucia Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Forestry Department
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 5th Floor Sir Stanislaus Building Waterfront Castries St. Lucia
+758 450-2078
St. Lucia Forestry Department