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Republic of Mauritius' National Parks & Conservation Service (NPCS)

Mauritius' National Parks & Conservation Service (NPCS) is a government department that advises on conservation matters working to protect Mauritius' biodiversity. It works to protect, manage, and restore native flora and endemic fauna species. It also manages national parks and monitors wetlands and offshore islets. Among other capacity building activities, the NPCS increases public awareness by providing conservation education, implementing several biodiversity related conventions, and managing the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species permit.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the National Parks & Conservation Service (NPCS) is to ensure sustainable management and restoration of native terrestrial Mauritian fauna and flora so as to retain its genetic biodiversity for future generations through in-situ and ex-situ conservation, ecosystem restoration, public awareness, promotion of ecotourism, research, and implementation of international conventions.

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    Republic of Mauritius' National Parks & Conservation Service (NPCS)
    Reduit, Mauritius
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    National Parks and Conservation Unit