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Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Biosphere Reserve, Oaxaca

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Campaña de Conservación del Agua de la RB Tehuacán - Cuicatlán a través del Orgullo

La Reserva de la Biosfera Tehuacán - Cuicatlán, es un Área Natural Protegida que comprende 51 municipios (31 del Estado de Oaxaca y 20 para el Estado de Puebla), la cual es de gran relevancia biológica, ecológia y socio-cultural de las zonas semiáridas de México.


Water Wiki

UNDP, in partnership with other organization, developed an innovative site water related work.   WaterWiki aims at being a knowledge map and on-line collaboration platform for Water Sector Professionals and Practitioners worldwide, to find - and share! - experience and knowledge about water-related work in the international (UN) context.


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Campaign Photos


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