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Campaign for Sustainable Fishing - Tagbilaran City LGU ( Barangay Ubujan and Taloto) Mabaw MPA

What's Happening

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Mabaw Reef Action Line is finally on the air

All of us are excited to hear the first broadcast of the campaign’s radio program entitled Mabaw Reef Action line. The first broadcast finally happened last Friday April 27, 2012 in which I also act as one of the regular hosts together with Hon. Nelson Tayag, the ManCom Vice-Chair. The other ManCom member will be co-hosting the radio program in rotation manner within the13 episodes of the program which will be heard over radio station DYTR at 11:00 to 12:00 noon every Friday until July 20, 2012. The one-hour radio program has several segments which include market update, weather report, street interviews, community billboard and radio guesting. This radio station reaches to different province in the visayas and Mindanao. Live broadcast can also be seen via online live streaming at http://www.livestream.com/dytrbohol1116khz.


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The First Mabaw Reef Day Celebration

The first ever Mabaw Reef Day celebration was held on April 17, 2012 the same date when Mabaw Reef was declared as the third marine sanctuary in the Tagbilaran on April 17, 2006 through a city ordinance. The celebration was held in two venues in Tubig Dako, Taloto, Tagbilaran City and the Cabisea Beach, Ubujan Tagbilaran City. The day-long celebration was highlighted by the launching of the painted boat and inter-action with the Miss Teen Tagbilaran Candidates in the morning, and in the afternoon was a boat racing which was held in Cabisea, Ubujan, this city. The most significant event of the celebration was the reading of a resolution declaring every 17th of the year as a Mabaw Reef Day. The celebration was attended by representatives from the government line agencies, academe sector, business sector, fishers organizations, youth sector, barangay local government and the city government units.


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Boat Painting colors Mabaw Reef Pride Campaign

The boat painting dubbed as a simple tribute to the small fishers in Tagbilaran was held on April 15-16, 2012 in four different barangays in Tagbilaran.  The total expected number of recipients was only 75, but the actual recipients reached to 106 fishers. All painted boats bear the campaign slogan that says “Atong ampingan ang Mabaw Reef “ translated in English as “Let us care Mabaw Reef”. The fine arts student from the University of Bohol added color to the activity by drawing eight different underwater designs in eight selected boats. The boat painting was also a way to start the color coding of city fishing boat as required by the city fishery code. The recipient fishers are entitled to receive free boat registration because the city mayor shouldered the registration fee of those who participated the boat painting.  Many fishers expressed their interest to join if there would be second round of the boat painting.



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Work Plan Month 9

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Poster and Sticker Roll-out: Mabi’s guesting on Tagbilaran City Joint Multiple Intelligence Graduation Ceremony

Mabi’s presence was supposed to be in the middle of the graduation program, but teachers changed it to the last part for the children to stay put until the end of the program. When Mabi appeared holding the campaign poster, I saw the excitement and the feeling to get nearer to Mabi. All of remained seated,  staring, smiling and waving their hands to Mabi. But, in less than 30 seconds, many of the children started to stand and ran closer to Mabi and happily yelled Mabi’s name. It was fun seeing the graduates very excited to interact with Mabi. Since most of them could hardly come and touch Mabi because he was surrounded by the other graduates, many of children went to their parents and pulled them nearer to Mabi to take pictures together. The Hon.

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Poster and Sticker Roll-out: Synchronized Barangay Assembly in Tagbilaran

Aside from sticking the poster and sticker to various areas like government office, purok center, waiting shed, barangay halls, fisher’s meeting places, and public and private transportation in Tagbilaran, attendance to the Tagbilaran City Synchronized Barangay Assembly was another avenue to disseminate information on the call and text hotline for Mabaw Reef as an important element on the campaign poster and sticker. The Synchronized Barangay Assembly held on March 31 at Barangay Ubujan was compulsory for every household to participate. Barangay Captain Timoteo Maglahus reiterated call and text number, and the reporting process to any intrusion inside the Mabaw Reef. He also strongly encouraged everyone especially those who have no mobile phones to report to the barangay government officials as members of the Mabaw Reef Management Committee if they will see any illegal activities in Mabaw Reef.

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Upcoming Mabaw Reef Day

This coming April 17 is the 6th Year Anniversary on declaring Mabaw Reef as a marine sanctuary. We want to make it a memorable celebration. Some activities we are trying to have for that very day aside from seeking legislation from the SP declaring April 17 as Mabaw Reef Day will include launching of the painted boat, boat racing and community outreach for the Miss Teen Tagbilaran 2012 candidates. A teaser poster of the celebration is attached.

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Boat Painting: A simple Tribute to Tagbilaran Fishers

The boat painting with the full title, Boat Painting: A tribute to the Fishers in Tagbilaran will happen on April 16-17, 2012 at the four different venues of barangay of Manga, Ubujan, Taloto and Booy. There will be approximately 50-60 fishers who can avail the boat painting after qualifying the criteria set by the ManCom. This event will be in partnership with the University of Bohol and the University of Bohol Development Foundation Incorporated. As a sign of partnership, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was already signed by both parties last March 22, 2012.  Hon. Nelson Tayag, the ManCom vice-chairperson was invited by one of the radio stations last March 24 to discuss and inform the public about the upcoming activity. The City Councilors, Barangay Officials and the Architecture Students of the University of Bohol are expected to join in this first ever boat painting activity in the city of Tagbilaran.

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Campaign Poster and Stickers rollout

After two months of working with the campaign poster and stickers, I have finally rolled it out last week. Some changes for my campaign poster were derived from the two-set of pre-testing activities, one with the fishers and other one was with the larger community. The campaign sticker was also affected with those changes that we made for the campaign posters, not so much on the design, but to the message and the call to action. Another support sticker which came out as a support to the poster and outdoor sticker, is a customized sticker designed for the members of the ManCom to facilitate proper channeling of information for those residents who want to report illegal activities in Mabaw Reef but do not have cellphone at all. The production of collaterals is expensive in Bohol. However, after the printing firm was convinced to be one of the sponsors, the cost was lowered to that of expected Bohol price.


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