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Campaign for Sustainable Fishing - Tagbilaran City LGU ( Barangay Ubujan and Taloto) Mabaw MPA

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I miss the fun!

Hello everyone! I miss everyone! I wanna share some photos of my campaign materials after 6 months "technically off" from the area. These photos were taken when  we conduct the foreshore development audit in all coastal areas in Tagbilaran. This project is in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources which aims for a proper management of the city foreshore lands. This is very critical project, but I enjoy a lot. Anyway....let me share you these simple things that made me so happy back two years ago up to this time.


Campaign Learning Report


Post-Campaign Survey Analysis


Campaign Learning Report Presentation


MPA Sustainability Plan


Final Monitoring Plan


Final Work Plan

campaign blog

2nd Run for Mabaw Reef


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Mabaw Reef Enforcement Facilities Inaugurated


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Campaign T-shirt for School Children


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Campaign Team

Jovenal Edquilag

Rare Conservation Fellow

Joy Jakosalem-Balane

Campaign Mentor

Emilia M. Roslinda

Local Partner Supervisor