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Guam - Terrestrial Campaign

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Unbanded vs. Banded

All ko'ko' born in zoos or in our facilities at Guam Department of Agriculture have metal bands placed on their legs.  These are essentially id bracelets describing information such as place of birth and studbook number.  Consequently all ko'ko' born in the wild will not have any metal bands as although we make an effort to count and survey wild population numbers, we do not try to catch wild ko'ko' for banding purposes.  When we released birds 3 years ago as well as the subsequent release last summer,  all were banded. 

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From a Science Teacher on Guam

Dear Cheryl,

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Anthony's perspective

Anthony Tornito, a UOG student, was my assistant on the latest outreach trip to Cocos Island.  Download his thoughts on the trip and read how he was personally effected. 

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Final Rare Blog for Rare Alumni Grant 2012

This past year had many gains and losses but I believe that is normal and expected for the field of conservation.  Project management is a fine balance of "tweeking" and "retweeking".  Or as our friendly Japanese tourists call it, "Kaizan" - the process of continuous improvement.

What were your main activities over the last year?


Wildlife Trading Cards

I wanted to give kids a native species guide of animals related to Cocos Island.  Trading cards are popular on Guam in many forms.  So why not educate and entertain kids with a native/invasive wildlife issued card set?  I’m really excited to see the finished product.  The set of 8 will feature a big glossy photo on the front and a blurb about the animal on the back.  Eye-catching enough for boys and girls, I’m sure I’m going to run out right away and need to do a reprinting. 

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New Voices

Working with Rare the last 5 years, I was given the confidence to believe that I can be a catalyst for change.  Did I believe this?  A little, I suppose…. but I was just happy if someone was actively listening to me speak during any of the presentations I had done throughout Guam. 

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Summer challenges and updates

This summer my summer camp plans for Cocos Island did not materialize.  It wasn’t because I didn’t try.  I had to summer camps lined up to visit Cocos.  But due to the timing of events, no visits happened.  Sad :(

AND someone defaced the biosecurity signs on the Merizo public pier! Double :(

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Snake invasion!

On May 9, the BBC released an article regarding the Brown treesnake on Guam. 

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-17992053 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-18008316

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The University of Guam’s 3rd Conference on Island Sustainability was held at the Hyatt Regency Guam on April 18 & 19, 2012.   I set up a table to illustrate Guam Dept. of Agriculture and its partner agencies new developments in relation to Brown treesnake control and native wildlife restoration. I had many people stop and chat about Brown treesnake issues and the loss of native species. 

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Merizo Elementary School Helps Clean Ko’ko’ Habitat

The endangered ko’ko’ or Guam rail persist on Cocos Island. It is important that the positive attitudes and conservation momentum not be lost within the community following the original Pride campaign and succeeding alumni grant that helped to facilitate this accomplishment. Therefore to take the community to see ko’ko’ in the wild and have them participate in active conservation projects is a natural progression for sustainable, reinforced behavior change. This is what excites me as a social marketing practitioner; I have the ability to cultivate first-hand experience of native species with those who have none. 

The following is a summary of our first outreach event through the eyes of Diane Vice, project leader for the Ko’ko’ for Cocos project: 

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