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Campaign for Sustainable Fishing - Panabo City, Davao del Norte (PEP 4 Campaign - Philippines)

What's Happening

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Danggi Shines at Araw ng Panabo

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Welcome Cagangohan Fish Sanctuary ManCom

After  more than 1 year of waiting, on March 13, 2014, the Executive Management Council (EMC) of Panabo City PMP headed by The City Mayor Atty. Jose L. Silvosa approved the proposed PMP Management Structure and creation of Fish Sanctuary Management Committee (MANCOM). through a Board Resolution.

The MANCOM which is mainly composed of Barangay constituents shall lead in the day to day operations of the Cagangohan Fish Sanctuary and in updating its MPA Management Plan in order to meet the objectives of establishment namely protection, breeding and spawning ground of fish and other marine organisms. This is a great management decision leading towards sustainable fishing.  

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Fishers' Valentines Event

On February 13-14, 2014, Fishers' Valentines Events were conducted at the focal communities of Barangay Cagangohan and JP Laurel, Panabo City. The activity  features a heart-shaped photowall with the Panabo City Pride campaign logo at the center as  photo-background  where fishers and partners pose for  their photoshot. Costumes and  make-up were provided and later  the photoframes too. These were  conducted together with the  giving of Valentines card together with the reading of message in it. The main message says "I will take care of  the seas because of you"  but this is together with their own valentines message.  All Fishers' expressed their Valentines message to their partners  with utmost sincerity. This is something that I discovered among fishers.  Currently, we are searching for the best Valentine Photo among the 18 couples who participated in the event. 


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Fishers'valentine Event

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Roving Exhibits at JP Laurel

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Burning Issues from Fishers

On February 28, 2014, a fishers' consultation was conducted was  at the Senior Citizen's Hall, Cagangohan, Panabo City. The agenda includes  Fish Sanctuary  rules and regulation and the marking  of Core zone and buffer zone anytime in the month of March. There was no objection from the fishers, in fact they said they should be invited  during the actual marking of the Sanctuary Zones. Hon. Renante Bangoy (SP Committee Chair for Fisheries and Tourism Affairs), Hon. Russel S. Dumagil (Brgy Capt BLGU-Cagangohan) and Rolando B. Tuzon (Head - Fisheries Section of City Agriculture Office) were there to support and facilitate  the event.

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Burning Issues from Fishers

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New Billboards at Fishers' Village


Second Pre-Test

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KAIC Assessment among School Children

To know the current level of Knowledge, Attitudes and Interpersonal Communicationa among school children,  a pre-test ( instructional point of view) was conducted to Grades IV-VI pupils of G.L. Dondoy Elementary School.

With the help of the Teachers, the Social Marketing Team  (Arnold Duping, Analiza Pana, Mercedita Floro and CF) conducted the pre-test/Assessment prior to the first intervention, Roving exhibit at the  school campus.

We thank the GL Dondoy Elementary School Administration  for providing a channel for the Social Marketing  to take place.

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Campaign Team

Girley Gumanao

Rare Conservation Fellow

Fel Ceasar Cadiz

Campaign Mentor

Jonathan Bayogan

Local Partner Supervisor