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Campaign for Sustainable Fisheries Management/Andavadoaka Coast

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  Slogan, Logo, messages and materials have been tested during the Morombe committee and village president General Assembly, individually with local authorities and presented during community outreach activities.  The slogans we have proposed were: SLOGAN and LOGO To make it easy for the target audience to understand we design both the SLOGAN with the LO


Madagascar Campaign Third Quarterly Report


Turtle campaign


Dance with mascot


Community putting up their sign and doing traditional ceremony


Children being proud in front of their sign


Quarterly Alumni Grant Report_June 2011

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Velondriake- Morombe campaign 1st Quaterly Report

Following the result of the "Vezo aho" campaign implemented in the Velondriake area to stop destructive fishing practice in particular beach seine and poison fishing, we agreed to follow up the campaign by targeting the migrant fishermen in their site which is Morombe, locating at 40km away from the  central Velondriake area. Morombe shares the same fishing ground with the Northern region of Velondriake and their practice of beach seine and poison fishing is still remaining and constitute the principale threat to the region.

In the other hand, the Velondriake region communities are still excited to put their effort together to keep the momentum of the "Vezo aho" campaign and still continue some activities, distribute remaining materials in the Velondriake area to sustain their success.

Below are the first report of activities carried out during January, February and March 2011.

campaign blog

A great way to celebrate natural capital through visualisation

Have e look at this great visualisation!


Legislative Signs

The campaign also featured legislative signs that were put up near beaches to inform people of the rules of the marine protected areas.

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