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Campaign for Sustainable Fisheries Management/Abaco Island

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Final Alumni Blog: 2012 Grant Period

  What were your main activities over the last year?

The main activities of the Size Matters Pride Campaign over the last year included focus groups workshop with fishers and event booths to reach out to the restaurant community.

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Our Work is featured on the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Website!

 Our partners at the GEF-Small Grants Program recently featured the work we have been doing in Abaco on their website as a featured story! Please click on the links and check it out!



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Alumni Grant Update

This quarter we have been busy producing draft materials that would help us further promote our message of "Size Matters". We have also been developing our messaging strategy so that it resonates with our target audience and key influencers who are essential in delivering the message to our target audience. Our draft comic book is now final. A total of 250 of these books have been produced and some were distributed this summer to school kids in our annual summer camp programs. The title of the book is "Fishing today for tomorrow". This new messaging strategy is being tested to see how it resonates not only with our target audience but with key influencers and partners. As you would imagine, at times the "Size Matters" message although very impactful, is sometimes misinterpreted. We also produced one of our poster series which highlights some of the other natural predatos of lobsters.


Photo Collage


Comic Book

This is a sneak peak of some of the content of our Comic Book soon to be released.

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Size Matters Pride Campaign Update

It's amazing how quickly time goes by. We have accomplished so much in such a short time. As I reflect back, it was about this same time in 2008 when my organization first inquired about the process of implementing a Pride Campaign. With that said, the rest is history. It is now more than 2 years since the launch of this campaign and our momentum is continuing. When I first began working with fishers I was nervous, I didn't know what to expect and didn't see my self as the 'expert'. Many of them looked to me for the answers, but if the only knew, I needed them just the same. In order to protect our local lobster populations, we realized that enforcement alone was not enough, but we had to motivate fishers to want to protect this resource for themselves. Fishers became our primary target audience.

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Huge Spiny Lobster is featured in cultural parade!

 This past weekend we celebrated one of the biggest cultural events in the Bahamas, Junkanoo. This is a parade filled with pulsating musical sounds of goat skin drums, cowbells, whistles, horns and scraping of a grater. The sound is unique and makes you jump to your feet as choreographed dancers move to the beat as they "rush" down the main streets of the town. Huge costumes are built to a theme and are made of card board and pasted with crepe paper that is fringed with beautiful colors.The parade began at 9 pm and lasted until 1 am the next morning... you guessed right, we like to party late in The Bahamas. 

I was so surprised and of course elated to see that one of the groups featured a huge Spiny Lobster as part of their costume. It tells me that the community has connected fishing with part of our culture. Hopefully this means that they are Measuring Up! Enjoy the photos of the parade below.

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Funny Quote

In response to finalizing pot luck dishes for an event, one respondent answered: "Still thinking everything Lobster requires so much measuring...."

Our message gets engrained into the thought process of those exposed to the campaign messages. Lol

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New Spike Poster Series

This is a new feature to our campaign that we are currently working on. The idea is make our mascot Spike more visible and use him to speak messages that may be difficult for real people to discuss. We will feature this on Facebook, in newspapers and other print media and our website. We are still developing the messages but wanted to get an image created first.

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3rd Quarterly Report

This quarter was very quiet with implementation of activities. In mid August Hurricane Irene pounded our shores resulting in delayed timelines and outputs. Fishermen also were affecting by the impacts of Irene. Many of them were not able to venture out and many of them have reported damaged and lost traps on the seafloor. Early in the stages of the campaign, debris from traps and hurricane impacts was identified as direct threats to local spiny lobster populations. Since then many have reported that production has been the worst they've seen in years.

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