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Campaign for Sustainable Fishing - Amlan LGU, Tandayag and Bio-os Marine Reserves

Latest Blog Posts

Tandayag Fiesta Celebration with Lappy

 [June 29, 2012 Annual Fiesta Celebration of Barangay Tandayag] Residents of Barangay Tandayag celebrates fiesta every 29th of June in honor of their Patron Saints (St. Peter and St. Paul). The highlight of the celebration this year is raising awarenenss on taking care of the coastal resources, particularly the Tandayag marine sanctuary.

The residents prepared different marine customes and props and activities to give more color to the celebration.  There was a fluvial procession in the morning, and a parade of customes and a boat race/contest in the afternoon. 

Thank you so much to the organizers of this event and the support of Amlanganons: Barangay Captain Carlo Angelo Buscato and his council; to the ever supportive Barangay Secretary - Marcial and the rest of Barangay Tandayag staff; to Joann, Rolly and Jhon Eleazar; to the MENRO staff and to all Amlanganons.

Lappy goes province-wide

 [June 26, 2012 Environment Summit, Convention Center, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental] The Amlan Pride campaign was presented to almost 1,000 Environment Management Volunteers (fishers, farmers, Barangay Population and Development Officers) province-wide and to the provincial and regional guests and partner during the Environment Summit.

SGP Post Activity Report “Massive Painting of Registered Fishing Boats”

The massive boat painting was started on May 08 and May 09, 2012 in Tandayag and Bio-os, respectively. A total of 100 boats of registered marginal fishers and one SM boat were painted full body and with the Pride campaign designs in both sides. This SM boat of the municipality was named Lappy, after the Pride campaign mascot.   The boat painting was not just a one-shot activity considering that the fishers have to go fishing for their sustenance. Designing the boats by the artist was on the agreed schedule with the fishers. After the kick-off activity, the boat painting by fishers was still continued until June 8, 2012. Our partners from GIZ and the SM Lite participants were able to witness the continuation of the painting activity. It took 4 days in separate occasions for painting the body of the boats and a month to complete painting the Pride campaign designs in both sides of the boats.

SM Lite Participants of Region 6 visit Amlan

 On June 8, 2012, the SM Lite participants of Region 6 came to visit Amlan and learn SM experience of Pride campaign of the Municipality. They met Carmen Tan, Vice-Mayor (OIC Mayor), the members of the Sangguniang Bayan, the Pride campaign TWG, the PO Officers, Bantay Dagat members, the MFARMC and the LAP Supervisor (ENRD Chief) Mrs, Mercy Teves and my colleague (TWG member), MENRO staff and of course the Pride of Amlan, "Lappy."  The Vice-Mayor gave some words of welcome. The TWG members also rendered a song ("Lami gyud ang dako," the Pride campaign song) as a means of expressing their happiness of receiving visitors of the neighbor province (Negros Occidental) and as a way of showing how grateful they are to Rare and GIZ-ACCCoast for the support. After my presentation on the Pride campaign "focusing on SM," Ms. Dolores Fabunan of GIZ-ACCCoast also gave her presentation as sort of orientation about GIZ.

Tiwi, Albay Mayor visits Amlan, NegOr

 A group composed of Mayor Jaime Villanueva, Municipal Agriculturist, Tourism Officer, Bantay Dagat, MFARMC Chairperson, Education Coordinator, MENRO and other Municipal Staff and partners from the Municipality of Tiwi, Albay visited Negros Oriental from May 7-11, 2012 to gain insights in Coastal Resource Management best practices. These visitors went to the Municipality of Dauin, Bais City and the Municipality of Amlan, among others. They were able to witness the continuation of the boat painting activity in Tandayag and interact with some of the PO members and Barangay Officials. Mayor Bentham dela Cruz proudly gave the Pride campaign mug to each visitor. 

SGP- Massive Boat Painting Commenced

 The Massive Boat Painting activity started on May 8 & 9, 2012 in two Pride campaign sites Barangay Tandayag and Barangay Bio-os, respectively. This is funded under the Rare Small Grants Program as support to SM. This activity was announced over the radio a week before through Ms. Lanie Infante of DYWC. This activity was designed to increase visibility of Pride campaign in Amlan. The fishers painted their boats according to the color codes in the Municipal Ordinance. The scheme was: the Local Government Unit will give free registration or renewal of permits to those who will paint their boats based on the color code for each Barangay (Tandayag RED and Bio-os BLUE) and with the Pride campaign design.

Lappy joined GK Paraisong Pambata

 The municipality of Amlan hosted the five-day "Gawad Kalinga 2012" Bayani Challenge with a theme "Pilipinas, Ngayon Na." (Gawad Kalinga means to give care). This activity is designed on building the community, sharing, giving, helping each other in restoring human dignity. The 5th day of the series of activities was alloted for the kids, hence, called "Paraisong Pambata" (or Paradise for the kids). There were many games for the kids. This was also the day when Lappy joined and added joy to the kids.

I just wanted to share some photos taken during the said activity. Congratulations to Mayor Bentham P. dela Cruz of the Municipality of Amlan. Thanks to the GK organizers and volunteers.



Amlan MENRO led the Biophysical monitoring of MPA

 I am sharing with you some photos taken during the round 2 community/ participatory biophysical monitoring of two Amlan MPAs  in March 2012.  Mr. Job D. Tagle, MENRO of Amlan, led the monitoring team--- from the review of monitoring protocols, to actual data gathering and analysis. We trained him twice, so this time he led the team. There were two teams, those who used snorkels (for monitoring at the shallow part of the reef) and SCUBA (both shallow and deep zones). We plan to hold another session perhaps in the last quarter of this year to capacitate the monitoring team to compare two data sets and be able to interpret/ correlate data with other information. And of course, I can already make my own analysis and compare the data and use this as input to the workplan--- monitoring conservation results (but it is still good that the team should also know and do this thing by themselves and report back to the community).

Stickers: Another way of reaching out…

How do we reach out to a wider community?  Apart from radio plugs, billboards, posters, activities, T-Shirts and other collaterals, we also use stickers. 

1-Stickers in Tricycles: We put stickers in the tricycles because most people of Amlan use tricycles as their most common or popular public transport within the municipality. People of all ages, male or female, would ride daily in a tricycle to reach their destinations. Wives would go to the market daily to buy fish and vegetables and other needs of the family. 

2-Stickers in Multi-cabs: Multi-cabs otherwise known as Easy-rides are vehicles conveying passengers from Amlan to Dumaguete City and Vise-versa. Dumaguete City is the capital of Negros Oriental and it is about 21 kilometers from Amlan. Most people go to Dumaguete City, including the Amlanganons, either to go to school in colleges/ universities (and going home daily) or go shopping. Others also work in Dumaguete City.

Answer and Win: Promotion at the Municipal Food Court

 At lunch time inside the food court, school children, eatery stall owners and others were surprised and happy as they win a prize in every correct answer they give for the Pride campaign “Answer and Win” activity (1. Who is Lappy? 2.  Name at least one benefit of Bio-os Takot Diot/ Tandayag marine sanctuaries. 3. What is the title of the Amlan Pride campaign song?).  Three of the four stall owners, answered question-1 correctly. For question-2, about 6 participated and they all gave either correct or closer to correct answers (answers include: fishes will grow big; fishes are protected; corals are the place where fishes hide; marine sanctuary is the house of Lappy). As to question-3, 10 made a guess, but only ONE got it right. The title of the Pride campaign song is the campaign slogan itself, “Lami g’yud ang dako” or Big is really delicious.