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Campaign for Sustainable Fishing - Tagbilaran City LGU ( Barangay Ubujan and Taloto) Mabaw MPA


Mabaw Reef Pride Campaign Officially Launched

The turn-outs of the Mabaw Reef Pride Campaign Launch last October 24 called for an exciting and inspiring pride campaign ahead. What made it more inspiring was when I saw many people preparing for some stuff just for the campaign. The LGU spearheaded the cleaning of the venue, installation of the billboard; the management committee sought the needs for the guardhouse, fluvial parade, the motorcade and the ecumenical service; and supervision of the city government through my campaign supervisors had made every need easy to get. All these things were done for the Mabaw Reef Pride Campaign Launch. The day commenced with a fluvial parade and, a blessing of Mabaw Reef and its guardhouse which was witnessed by fishers. The water was calm that made the ritual very solemn. The fishers were glad sailing ashore not only because they joined the parade, but also they were also provided with free gasoline given by one of the gasoline stations in the Tagbilaran. Bringing the people from religious beliefs took place during the ecumenical service. I believed that the ecumenical service had imprinted positive thoughts that caring for Mabaw Reef goes beyond religions differences. I had a short chat with the priest before he left; he expressed his happiness for the conservation initiatives undertaken in Mabaw Reef. The unveiling and ribbon cutting of the campaign billboard was a short stint, but I thought especially for the Bohol Runners Club (BRC) that donated the billboard, it was considered an accomplishment. I spoke and thanked the BRC members and they said they were very proud that a billboard stood up bearing their organizational logo. When I turned my head just after the ribbon cutting, I was surprised when I saw a number of cars ready for the motorcade bearing the campaign slogan. The motorcade that routed going to the city hall for the MABI’s ( our mascot) courtesy call to the city hall employees and officials was overwhelming. On the float with Mabi were fishers who were very happy waving their hands to the people along the road. All in white t-shirts, the motorcade arrived at the city hall with the fishers, the TWG and the RARE Team to pay courtesy call to the Hon. Dan Neri Lim. Watching Brett Jenks along with the RARE Team and the City Mayor Dan Neri Lim talking face-to-face was for me an enough ceremony that beckon the formal opening of the Mabaw Reef Pride Campaign.  All the more when Mayor Lim finally met MABI and took pictures together. That was the most awaited moment for the day, where another conservation character was introduced to the city chief executive. On that very moment, I felt that I had completed the campaign preliminaries and MABI, our endearing mascot can officially entertain people and convey the message on conserving Mabaw Reef. Other than that, we were able to launch the Call and Text Alert for Mabaw Reef and so with the campaign jingle. The Mabaw Reef Pride Campaign Launch was fun! It was well participated. And this early, I realize that running the campaign is not just an experience, not just learning the social marketing tool, but it is a personal gauge if the community has still the desire to commit for marine conservation. Thank you very much to my campaign supervisors who poured their support, to my PPM and the people who volunteered during the event. I thanked you all!


Comments (3)

Congratulations! All of your hard work seems to be working.

It was great. Really great. Well done all

Congratulations on a successful launch, Jovenal! Good luck in the months ahead.

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